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What the heck is a Smart Home?

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

People often ask me; “ what is a smart home” and “what do you mean when you say, smart home and smart devices?” A smart home is a network of electrical devices that are connected to the internet through hubs that can give you full control of your home from anywhere at any time through your phone or tablet. The benefits of this technology is mind blowing!

Imagine leaving your house to get some groceries and with one command or touch of a button be able to turn off your lights, turn your thermostat down, turn your tv off, lock your doors and arm your security system... With smart home technology, this is all possible and with todays advancements, smart devices are getting more and more affordable all the time. How about coming home late at night and having your home welcome you with lights on as you arrive providing a safe, secure entrance to your home.

The benefits of a smart home does not end at convenience. There can be significant savings of 30-40% of normal energy consumption. Smart devices such as a smart thermostat can learn your routines and optimize your heating or cooling schedule to give you perfect comfort without wasting energy. Smart lighting can adjust to different levels depending on your activity and can create the perfect scene for entertaining or an intimate setting for chilling out in the evening. Smart Irrigation systems can check the weather online and calculate when and how much to water your yard. This reduces water consumption without compromising your lawn and garden.

Lets not forget the "wow factor". I love the look on guests faces when I say "Turn on home theater" to have the lights automatically illuminate, the projector and receiver turn on along with ambient lighting. Your home suddenly becomes magic and of course there's the following "HOW DID YOU DO THAT??" when they see how seamless it is. The smart devices themselves can be a conversation piece and of course, guests like to try them out as well to see the lights turn on or off simply from their voice.

Smart home devices can be fun, convenient and energy efficient but there is another use for this technology that honestly kind of caught me by surprise... The elderly and people with mobility issues. That's right! Smart technology has changed peoples lives for the better! I started with my Grandmother. She is a sweet lady and was always there for me growing up. I talked to my wife about putting some smart devices in her condo. She agreed that it would be a nice gesture but was not sure if my Grandmother would like it or not. Well, we decided to give it a try. I told my Grandmother what I was planning to do and got the confused look that I was expecting (trying to explain smart devices to her was kind of a stretch). I installed the devices and set everything up for her. I also gave her a voice assistant and linked her smart devices to it. Then came the tutorial. I showed her how she could control all her lights with just her voice or turn off her lights by saying "goodbye". I showed her how she could ask the assistant questions and how it could play music and the news for her. Needless to say, her mind was blown! every time I see her, she tells me about how wonderful she thinks it all is and how she feels like she has company with the voice assistant.

Smart home technology has truly revolutionized the way we interact with our homes and offices and brings what seemed like technology from the future into our lives today.

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