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How Smart Home Technology is Changing the Lives of People with Mobility Problems

When People think of smart home technology, they often think of a younger demographic that is very tech savvy. Smart home technology of course is a very cool feature of any home and adds a certain wow factor to your guests. The ability to control your whole home from your smart device or simply with your voice has brought what seemed like something from the future that we would see in our favorite Si-fi movies to our homes for our own personal enjoyment.

This amazing tech has uncovered an unforeseen benefit to a group that you would not expect... The elderly and people with mobility issues. That's right, this smart home technology has been changing the lives of these people in a very positive way. The ability to control their whole home without having to get up has helped these people regain their independence and dramatically made their lives easier.

A welcome addition to smart home technology that has emerged in recent years is the smart assistant. Companies like Amazon, Google and Apple have their own versions of smart assistants. These devices can listen to commands and perform routines based on what was said. These smart assistants can tell you the temperature (inside and outside) and play the news, radio or music. They can also be used to create reminders such as when to take medication, reminders of upcoming appointments or can search the web for recommendations for treating ailments.

Isolations and lockdowns have made it tough for us to connect with our elderly loved ones and people with mobility problems. This has caused a sense of loneliness and isolation for many people. A smart assistant can make them feel like they are not alone. My Grandmother who is almost 90 says that she feels like she has a friend in her place with her who will answer her questions and turn her lights on and off for her. She also uses it to play her favorite music like Jim Reeves and Marty Robbins. In fact, she uses it so often that she asked me if she will wear it out. I of course told her that she could use it as often as she likes.

If you're wondering if smart home technology is right for you, your parents or grandparents; the answer is simply YES. This technology is becoming more and more mainstream and as it gets more popular, it has become very user friendly and can be easily operated with someone with little to no tech experience. Smart lighting, assistants, thermostats, door locks, security systems... have changed our lives for the better and have empowered people with mobility problems. Bring on the future!

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